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FAQ about SiF2022

1. Which hotels should I book?

Please check the hotel recommendations on the main webpage. Hotels in the list are in walking distance to the PolyU campus.

2. We are clear that we need to have a negative RAT test result from the 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight, but unclear on how to meet the daily testing requirements once we are in Hong Kong.

For the first three days in Hong Kong, the RAT results will be reported using the “Electronic COVID-19 Medical Surveillance System” ( In the following days, you only need to keep the photos of negative results on your mobile phone until Day 7.

3.Can we bring our own RAT test kits or do we have to get them in Hong Kong?

You can use your own RAT test kits and we also bought a number of test kits for your use.

4.Where do we get the nucleic test done? Can this be done at the conference venue as day 2 for us will be the first day of the conference (30th November).

The nucleic test (PCR test) can be done in any Community Testing Centers and the nearest one is in Ho Man Tin Part, which is in 15 mins walking distance from the campus. We would not recommend use the University on-site PCR test as it requires a Doctor’s transferring note and charges some money.

5. We are in Hong Kong for 6 days. Do we need to do more nucleic tests (PCR test)?

No more nucleic tests are required after the Day 2 test according to the current guideline. Arrival day is Day 0.

6.How do we report the results of PCR tests to the authorities? Is this through the online form?

The PCR test result will be handled by the testing center as they will link it with your Travel Document ID.

7.What if we got a positive test result of RAT?

You should stay in the hotel room and please contact us for help. You may conduct a second test and a PCR test if necessary. 

8. For the first three days we are in Amber Alert status. This means we cannot go into any eating places. This raises the following question: We arrive on the evening of the 28th. This means we are in amber alert until 1st December. Can we get food at the conference venue for the 30th? What about for the 29th?

Yes, you could get food boxes on 30th Nov and actually you can still buy food at any restaurant or university canteen, while the only restriction is that you cannot have them inside the restaurant. There are a number of restaurants in the Plaza of Metropolis Hotel for food as well, and you can order them as takeaway.

9. We need to wear masks in public and in public spaces. What about at the conference? Do we need to wear masks when in the audience. What about when presenting?

Yes, you are quired to wear masks in the conference, but you can take off your mask when presenting. We will provide additional masks at conference website as well. During the conference breaks, the university facility team will perform sanitising and cleaning in the conference room.

10. Where can I get the latest information from Hong Kong Government website?

You can find the official guideline on this webpage:

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